We proudly introduce the BreathePure® Nasal Air Filter, a disposable filtering device that actually works in the nose to block most airborne particulates - such as allergens - from being inhaled. Perfect for hay fever sufferers!

More comfortable than masks, the BreathePure® NAF is ideal for chores around the house, in the garden or workshop, and whenever the wind is creating airborne debris.

As seen in the above chart, BreathePure® NAF removes 97% of the particles 7 microns and larger. This includes particles associated with pollen, sneezes, and dust mites, as well as a majority of particles from fungi and spores, human hair, household dust, and pet dander.
How Big is a Micron?
It's only .0000394 inches.
You can't see a micron sized particle - but you
can breathe it!

And unlike other “in-the-nose” filter attempts that are easily clogged, the BreathePure® NAF won’t significantly restrict breathing as it filters out particulates!

Breathe cleaner and healthier air!

— Rich Ambrose, President
BreathePureNAP Healthcare, LLC

U.S. Patent No: 6,962,156; 6,971,387; 6,981,501.